So fired up to help people!

Its finally hit me, I have been absorbing so much information. I am obsessed with it all actually. I can’t get enough. My wife gives me the look quite often because I am always trying to understand a new way, a better way of doing things. I must say I don’t sleep much and I am on my computer a lot looking up things or my phone listening to podcasts. I am on youtube searching for more helpful information with all of my downtimes.

I have been letting things roll around in my head for the last few months about what my next move is for my career and for my own fulfillment. I absolutely love taking photos. I love being a photographer! I love the business side too. I love finding out how to be better. When things are not working, I just start looking for things that do work. It’s really that simple. I keep pushing forward because I know that with technology and with the passion and urge it has never been easier for us as humans to become better.

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